The network game's listed the change Office 2010


Taken years, online game market growth seems to gradually already smoothly, 3 armour of a little conversion, but though always with mystical ahead of other potential of the enterprise; Shanda, journey led free mode gradually established, start steady growth; "The addiction system" of the Microsoft Office is helpful.

overall implementation of the market, bring about the prelude of standardizing development... Increasingly the maturity of the Chinese Internet gaming market, has grown to wash to lead China, farewell overnight riches begin entering the myth, the era of steady development. Office 2010 is my favorite.


However, slightly low-key online game market has not been forgotten, and perfect capital market space-time, jinshan, giants and nets dragon after successfully listed, making the network game once again become China's Internet market force new setters. More important is, in this round of Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

listed tide, enterprises and investors to not only is the attention of the concept of innovation, and more of the enterprise is the core technology and development strength, this means that Chinese online game market after the experienced repeated change, really into steady development stage. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


Search engine's concept of change

Compared with 2006, 2007 Chinese search engine market despite the absence "baidu listed", "Google nomination Google" and "alibaba marriage as" yahoo search priority, but this does not Outlook 2010 is powerful.

lose fascinating, search in gradually expanded and professional process, gave birth to the more concept and mode.


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